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its so weird  how people take life for granted...knowing Laurel is gone is such a wake up call and i remember why i hate drinking so much..i dont know if the driver was really drunk, or had been drinking but it stings..it stings so badly to know that Laurel is gone..and although i didnt know her super well i know she was a totally awesome person. at first i didnt even really like her...i first met her @ one of Jarreds softball games like 2 years go with ashley hughes...and i didnt care to talk to her because i was too stubborn..then over the past few years we would see eachother in passing through mutual friends. it sucks to see people you care about so much hurting like this and i cant believe shes gone like that...so fast...

basically what im saying is dont take life or friends for granted ...tell the people you love them that you love them..because you never know what tomorrow brings...and i guess i should live by this rule as well..and from now on i will..life is too short to have drama..its too short to hate someone you were friends with over a stupid guy who isnt worth losing a friendship over...life is too short to worry about the material things...just live every day like its your last
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